Murderdelphia Hits The West Coast - Cheesesteak Style

Crap. The owner of a Seattle cheesesteak shop was killed in a gang-related incident. Rey Davis Bell is charged with one count of murder in the death of Philadelphia’s Best Cheesesteak owner Degene Barecha. Here’s the official word from Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger:

According to Sergeant Deanna Nollette, the shooting at Philly Cheesesteak may be connected to a domestic violence incident which took place in West Seattle a few hours ago.

Just before 11am, SPD responded to a domestic violence call on the 5900 block of Delridge Ave SW. A bullet had been fired through a window at the house, but no one was shot.

SPD believes the man involved in the domestic violence incident is the same suspect in the Philly Cheese Steak shooting.

Police say the suspect is believed to be heavily armed and are concerned there could “additional incidents.”

Prosecutors File Charges In 23rd and Union Shooting [The Stranger]

Murderdelphia Hits The West Coast - Cheesesteak Style