Mmm… Chocolate Beer

From Joe Sixpack, we just learned about the world of chocolate flavored beers. They sound… interesting. How interesting?

That’s right, the drink of choice in the Mesoamerican region was a fermented beverage made with the pulpy fruit surrounding the seeds of cacao trees. Researchers have discovered that the earliest inhabitants of Mexico and Central America were drinking something resembling chocolate beer at least 3,000 years ago. […] Traces of cacao beverages were found in a curious assortment of vessels, including one with a high neck that was used for pouring, and another spouted bottle with a wider, flared neck. Researchers theorize that the drink was poured back and forth between the vessels to produce an aromatic froth. “The idea was to put a head on the drink so that you could breathe in the aroma while you were drinking,” McGovern said.
Consumption of cacao beverages, the article’s authors argue, “became a central dimension of social life in Mesoamerica.” Over the centuries, they emerged as an important part of Aztec and Mayan ceremonies. By the 1500s, Cortez and Diaz, the Spanish conquistadors, would send word back to Europe of flavorful chocolate drinks served at ritual events - including, presumably, those human sacrificial orgies.

Yup, interesting.

Chocolate beer: For Aztecs, not wusses [Daily News/Joe Sixpack]

[Image via Daily News]


Mmm… Chocolate Beer