Missing A16 Sous Chef Found Safe

Like everybody else in town, we held our breaths over the last couple days, waiting to see if the two skiers lost in the Sierra wilderness would be found safely. It was an uncomfortably familiar scene for us as for many in the Bay Area, echoing another missing person case that didn’t go so well.

But yesterday, the two men were found safe and just a little chilly, and it turns out one of them is a sous-chef at Marina restaurant A16. Christopher Gerwig, 32, and his buddy Patrick Frost, 35, a sales accountant with the San Jose Sharks, traveled something like 10 miles and spent two nights in the wilderness, surviving on energy bars and melted snow. The San Francisco Chronicle has a pretty good account of their saga.

We get the feeling Gerwig will be glad to see the kitchen back at A 16, even if things are in a bit of a state of flux within the Appleman Empire.

Congratulations, you two. We’re glad you’re safe.

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Missing A16 Sous Chef Found Safe