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Lenny Kravitz Neither Seen Nor Heard at GoldBar Last Night

Probably has truffle-fry breath.
Probably has truffle-fry breath. Photo: Getty Images

Jonathan Ames, self-described “journalist with bad breath, bad teeth, bad hair, and bad debt,” penned a hilarious essay for Spin about infiltrating GoldBar with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, who despite living a few blocks away takes a Town Car to the club (what, no Escalade?). Ames is blown away by the fact that Cameron Diaz isn’t even the prettiest girl in the place, which is “loaded with perfume, emanating from the dozens and dozens of beautiful girls” (hm, nothing about the smell of cigarette smoke). Kravitz, meanwhile, has been there, done that, hence this lyric from one of his new songs: “The night is young, GoldBar’s the place to be.” With that in mind, we slipped in last night for a $17 drink and a plate of his favorite truffle fries, to see if Kravitz’s name check has earned him a place on GB’s playlist.

1. “Celebration,” Kool and the Gang
2. “Play That Funky Music,” Wild Cherry
3. “Housequake,” Prince
4. “Nasty Girl,” Sterling Simms
5. “Physical Attraction,” Madonna
6. “Once in a Lifetime,” Talking Heads
7. “People Are People,” Depeche Mode
8. “Mercedes Boy,” Pebbles
9. “Square Biz,” Teena Marie
10. “I’m Every Woman,” Chaka Khan

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Lenny Kravitz Neither Seen Nor Heard at GoldBar Last Night