Keller Porn

What fun! This week, two of our favorite food blogs ran photo essays on two different Thomas Keller restaurants.

Locally, Bunrabs headed up to Yountville to dine at the French Laundry. While not every course posed for a picture, Gutenberg grabbed the essence of the meal in a handful of portraits, such as this one of “Barbie and Ken sized potato blini with chive butter and white sturgeon caviar:”

On the East Coast, the Amateur Gourmet visited Per Se for a birthday lunch shortly before attending a Mika concert. This coverage is more in-depth than Bunrab’s with each course starring in its own little photo shoot, like this one, “’Oysters and Pearls’–‘Sabayon’ of Pearl Tapioca with Island Creek Oysters and Iranian Osetra Caviar:”

Both meals look delicious and both photo sets appear to capture the sheer magic of Keller’s cuisine, with its artful splashes of colors, tastes, textures and presentation. Both of these bloggers ate far better than we did last weekend, but only one used that as a segue to a music video that made us blush while watching it in the office. We’ll let you determine which one.

French Laundry List [Bunrabs]
The Seven Stages of Dining at Per Se [Amateur Gourmet]

Keller Porn