I Drink Your Blood! I Drink It Up!

We were staring at the computer screen, going cross-eyed, when two items on our blogroll got intermingled.

First, Gridskipper posted a somewhat morbid “bloodlust” guide to the city, including information on boxing, Bondage A-Go-Go’s regular “blood wrestling” events, a vampire tour and the Red Cross.

Then, we noticed Yumsugar had up a weird-but-good-sounding recipe for a blood orange milkshake:

Blood Orange Milkshake
Adapted from Roger’s Trinbago and inspired by There Will Be Blood

2 cups milk
6 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 blood orange peeled, seeded and divided into segments

1. Pour the milk into the blender.
2. Add ice cream and blend for three minutes.
3. Add orange segments. Blend for two minutes.
4. Pour into a large glass.
5. Garnish with a really long straw.

And a post was born. Please forgive us. It’s a slow news day and we weren’t invited to Florida for the big food fest thing. MP South Florida was, though. Check it out.

Satisfy Your Bloodlust in San Francisco [Gridskipper]
TV Dinners: There Will Be Blood — Blood Orange Milkshake [Yumsugar]

I Drink Your Blood! I Drink It Up!