Hung to Cook in Midtown Kitchen; Chirico Pleads Not Guilty to Extortion

Top Chef winner Hung Huynh will begin a one-month stint at kosher restaurant Solo on March 2; Justin Smillie, formerly of Barbuto, has replaced Akhtar Nawab at the E.U. [NYT]
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If you’re clamoring for a Valentine’s Day tablecloth dinner at White Castle, you still might be able to get one. [Eater]

Master Purveyors will live on: The fire destroyed the offices, but the meat is still safe and sound in the warehouse. [Crain’s NY]
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It’s frightening how much eating habits can affect relationships: “I went out with one guy who said I seemed really great but he liked bread too much to date me.” [NYT]

Brooklyn restaurateur and alleged mobster Joseph Chirico pleaded not guilty to charges of extortion in federal court yesterday. [NYP]

Whether they’re trying to save money or care about the environment, many restaurant owners are finding ways to go green. Del Posto even fuels its ingredient-fetching biodiesel trucks with its own cooking oil. [NYT]

With the fishing industry being as aggressive as it is, it can be a challenge to keep up on what types are endangered. But conscious consumers have a variety of online resources to keep them from eating endangered species. [Bitten/NYT]

The world’s wheat stockpiles are at their lowest in 30 years, and the U.S. hasn’t seen so little of the food staple since 1948. [NYT]

Robert Parker and the pitfalls of his wine-rating system are taken to task in food journalist Alice Feiring’s new book, The Battle for Wine and Love — Or How I Saved the World From Parkerization. [NYP]

Steve Cuozzo is pretty stoked that the restaurant space atop the Freedom Tower is already seeking bids because he sure does miss his Valentine’s Day table at Windows on the World. [NYP]

Hung to Cook in Midtown Kitchen; Chirico Pleads Not Guilty to Extortion