Hot Menus: Boy, Are They Ever!

Last time we checked in on our hot menus in mid December, the top spots were Butterfly, Medici, Sepia and TABLE fifty-two. Well, today (yesterday, actually), none of those are in the top four! How about that.

In fact, the grand prize winner is none other than Nookies in Lincoln Park. If that’s not a cold-driven choice, we don’t know what’s wrong with the world. After that, the North Side runners up are Sapori Trattoria in second and Panes and Anteprima tied for third. Those are kind of classy, actually.

But back to the main event. If Nookies was number one, would you believe that Wok n’ Roll in Hyde Park is number 2? Sure is. After WnR are Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop and Lumes Pancake House, which is only marginally on the South Side. As per usual, 70% of the South Side’s Hot Menus yesterday came from Hyde Park. Oh well!

The bronze goes to Brazzaz, the River North churrascaria, followed in rapid succession by Dao in Streeterville and David Burke’s Primehouse. We should note that TABLE fifty-two, which follows Primehouse, never scores poorly in this competition.

In other neighborhoods…Semiramis, Nonno Pino, and Coast Sushi Bar all did well on the Northwest side, despite have less than nothing to do with each other geographically, culturally or culinarily. On the West Side, Thai Bowl, Baba Pita and Yummy Thai were popular; guess every single UIC student wanted their Pad Woon Sen all at once? And saving the best for last, the Southwest Side supported Brown’s Chicken & Pasta yesterday, and to a lesser extent, the Skylark.

So there you have it. The people’s tastes are fickle but palpable, and oriented at least in part by the weather.

Hot Menus: Boy, Are They Ever!