Help! I’m Trapped In Longwood!

“Help! I’m Trapped In…” is a semi-regular feature where we tell you how to make the most of being stuck in areas that are (fairly or not) regarded as culinary wastelands. You’re welcome.

Longwood Medical and Academic Area is something of a mystery to us, even after having spent no small amount of time there (we put in our three years at Latin School and spent a collegiate summer subletting on Tetlow Street). The area has no shortage of captive visitors (five hospitals and ten colleges) and yet, so very few decent places to eat. Sure the food court is fine for a few weeks, but sooner or later, you’re going to want a sit down meal, even if it has to be a quick one. As always, we have you covered. Behold, a week’s worth of lunching in Longwood. Why not try one of the suggestions out today?

Monday: Head to the brand new Cafe Italia for a hearty lunch to get your week started off right. After a lunch of spaghetti amatriciana, you’ll be ready to face the week with your wallet a mere $8.95 lighter.

Tuesday: Stroll to the Fens for a fine meal from Brown Sugar Cafe or, if you can’t quite spare the time, use their very speedy delivery service. You could order the excellent Pad Thai or you could be fun and adventurous and try the duck curry. Your choice.

Wednesday: Get over midweek madness with a serene meal at the Gardner Cafe, nestled in the Gardner Museum’s gorgeous courtyard. Virtuously order the simple salad and cheese…so you can then indulge in their white chocolate bread pudding for dessert. Hey, Wednesdays are rough, you know?

Thursday: Sometimes, you just need a pizza in the middle of your workday. When that craving strikes, your best bet in Longwood is the Bertucci’s in the Children’s Hospital. Order a full-size Margherita and it can be dinner as well!

Friday: The buzz on The Savant Project is crazy, but fortunately, the restaurant lives up to the hype. Treat yourself to a cheddar-stuffed burger with truffled polenta logs and manchego aioli. It’s a pretty good way to kick off your weekend.

Cafe Italia [MenuPages]
Brown Sugar Cafe [Official Site]
Gardner Cafe [MenuPages]
Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizzeria [Official Site]
The Savant Project [Official Site]

[Photo: Joseph Barillari]

Help! I’m Trapped In Longwood!