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Golden Clog Nominees Announced to Industry’s Amusement, Dismay

The booby prize, to be granted Friday.
The booby prize, to be granted Friday. Photo:

Tony Bourdain and Michael Ruhlmann, the scourges of the restaurant business, are at it again. The pair’s facetious awards, the Golden Clogs, will be given away this Friday at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. We speculated last fall about who the possible nominees might be, but Bourdain’s complete list — with commentary — is on Eater. Some of our favorites are below.


For worst career move
Nominees: Gordon Ramsay for the cruel and pointless freak show that is Hells Kitchen; David Burke for the “Hooters in a Hula skirt” non-charms of Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Times Square; Tyler Florence for Applebees, Applebees, Applebees


For the best example of twisted, repressed, or compromised “I’d rather be making lemon bundt cake with My Cat, Mr. Mufflesworth” journalist who actually HATES food and hates the people who make food even more
Nominees: Alan Richman for taking a big Dump on New Orleans at the worst possible time. And for his totally disingenuous piece on celebrity chefs not being behind the stove when Alan chooses to dine; John Mariani for continuing to be John Mariani and do what he does so well. Which is — apparently — get free stuff; Bob Lape — “Do I have to pay for that?”: Regina Schrambling for her deranged, embittered — yet fascinating —, where she raves and rags on her former employers — (and Mario Batali) like an ex-lover-turned-bag lady.


For the chef/operator who did the most insanely wonderful or heroic fucking thing in recent memory
This year’s honoree: Chef Donald Link of Cochon in New Orleans.

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Golden Clog Nominees Announced to Industry’s Amusement, Dismay