Get Trivial Tonight

Full disclosure: we’re really good at trivia. How good? Our boyfriend won’t watch Jeopardy with us because it’s “not fair.” Most of our college friends won’t play Trivial Pursuit with us unless they’re on our team for the very same reason. What can we say? We were a weird little kid who liked to read the encyclopedia and we retain facts incredibly well. If you’re also a trivia fiend, why not hit up one of the below events tonight? All have cash prizes and plenty of beer.

•The Jeanie Johnston is one of our very favorite neighborhood bars. Their Wednesday triva nights offer prizes up to $30. Best of all, appetizers are half price from 5pm-6pm. Go ahead! Sneak out of work early! We won’t tell.
•The Druid claims that its Wednesday Pub Quiz is “whip-smart.” Even if you don’t quite manage a win, the unspeakably good shepherd’s pie and a pint or five of Guinness are an excellent consolation prize.
Atwood’s Tavern promises to “release your inner Jeopardy champion.” You know what will probably help with that endeavor? Trying out some of their excellent beer list…we’re partial to the Ipswich Oatmeal Stout ourself. You’ll be a genius by the second pint.

Jeanie Johnston Pub [Official Site]
Druid Restaurant [Official Site]
Atwood’s Tavern [Official Site]

[Photo: Carling (we are not mature enough to handle the name of the town)]


Get Trivial Tonight