Gay Porn Twins Arrested In Buffalo Wing Robbery

You can’t make this kind of thing up — twin gay-porn stars were arrested in the robbery of a South Philly buffalo wing takeout. Brothers Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney area accused of breaking into the Wings and More and 9th and Washington in the Italian Market and robbing the store along with a beauty shop next door. They’re also suspected of robbing a South Philadelphia Rite Aid and two suburban Wawas.

The twins recently starred in a gay hardcore-porn internet film called “Marc and the Twins.” Philadelphia Daily News reporters Stephanie Farr & Dan Gross managed to land one of the weirdest quotes we’ve ever read in the newspaper as a result:

In “Marc and the Twins,” which was distributed only online, the Goffneys are hanging out on the Las Vegas strip when they offer to audition for “Marc,” a chiseled black porn star who happens to pass by.
The three take the “audition” to a seedy hotel room. Although “Marc” is the focus of the encounter, the twins can be seen rubbing each other’s chests and getting cozy. “Marc and the Twins” seems to be the most popular of the online porn films that star Taleon and Keyontyli. Their co-star in the film, Marc Williams, is a fairly big name in gay porn, according to Erik Schut, editorial director of Philadelphia-based TLA Entertainment Group. The company’s Web site,, is the nation’s largest retailer of gay porn DVDs. To Schut’s knowledge, the twins have not appeared in any porn films available on DVD, but he said if they had chosen to further their career in porn, “They could have been huge.”
“Two incredibly beautiful black men and twins - it’s unprecedented,” Schut said. “Ethnic, gay models are rare.”

Yeah, we learn something new everyday.

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[Image via Daily News]

Gay Porn Twins Arrested In Buffalo Wing Robbery