French Fry Violence On SEPTA

A 16-year-old girl was beaten by a gang of teenagers on the subway over french fries. The unnamed girl was assaulted on the Broad Street Line just before the Logan stop:

The girl and her friends are students at Philadelphia Girls High School, and got on the Broad Street Subway on Tuesday after school. It was the next stop, which was at Broad and Logan, that 12 girls they didn’t know got on, the girl said. One knocked french fries out of her friend’s hand. “Then four girls attacked me,” the girl said, “pulling my hair and just grabbing it, swinging my head around and pounding on my head.” With no SEPTA help in sight, NBC 10 News reported, the girl said the assault would have continued if it wasn’t for an unarmed vigilante. “A lady who was sitting on the train near us decided enough was enough,” the girls said. “She reached into her purse a little bit and moved her hand around as if she had a weapon. She’s screaming at the girls to back up, and the girls yielded.” The 12 girls sprinted out of the SEPTA train at Broad and Erie, police said. The only description the victims had was that the attackers all wore shirts from Hope Charter School.

Stay classy, Philadelphia.

French Fries To Blame For SEPTA Station Gang Beating [NBC10]


French Fry Violence On SEPTA