Food Network to Publish Magazine?; Food-Porn Photos for Sale

Hearst Publications is supposedly in talks with the Food Network to publish a new food magazine and has been stealing editors from Every Day With Rachael Ray for months. The only problem? The channel’s big stars don’t seem to be a part of the publication. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

Soto chef Sotohiro Kosugi responds to fears of too much mercury in tuna. “Eat with balance. Balance of meals is the key to a healthy life.” [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]
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Neil Ferguson, Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, and others are leading a full-on British culinary invasion on our shores. [Chicago Tribune]

Personally, we prefer to eat food rather than look at it, but these large pictures of masterful dishes by the likes of Eric Ripert and Daniel Boulud make us drool and want to give money to charity. [Zagat Buzz]

The $11,000 Clover coffee machine has arrived in Williamsburg, and it might “completely change the way people think about coffee.” [Eat for Victory/VV]

Coca-Cola has agreed to buy a 40 percent stake in Honest Tea, Inc., with an option to purchase the entire company in three years. [WSJ]

Kraft Foods is working on a new line of products that not only taste good but also kill intestinal worms, but they’ll be sold only in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. [NYT]

Food Network to Publish Magazine?; Food-Porn Photos for Sale