Election Food For Super Tuesday

With today being Super Tuesday, we thought we’d take a look at how the political reporters are eating. A few months ago, in Iowa, the press corps got to enjoy the goods at Davenport’s Duck City Bistro. When it came time to work in Florida, there’s Cuban food in Miami… However, for our money, we thought the menu at College Station, TX’s C&J; BBQ was the most impressive. Just check this stuff out:

Now, I typically fall on the side of those who think that barbecue comes exclusively from animals that oink.

But I also am not stubborn enough to, when in College Station, not do as the Aggies do.

So a two-meat platter with beef brisket and jalapeño cheese sausage it was.

Within the first bite of each, I began to wonder whether these Texans were onto something. Still, I didn’t go full Lone Star — I took advantage of the sauce on the table but ignored the fixin’s bar. It’s one thing to eat beef at a barbecue joint, but it’s a whole ’nother step to put pickles, onions and jalapeños on your meat.

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Election Food For Super Tuesday