Desperation: $5 Bar Menu @ A MANO

We don’t know what kind of traffic A MANO has been getting, but we do know that we’ve received no fewer than four emails from them and their PR company about the addition of a $5 bar menu (highlights include a cheese plate with walnut bread and mostardo), plus $5 happy hour pizzas during the month of February. The first two emails came in on Monday and Tuesday, both saying that $5 pizzas were beginning “tonight” (from 5pm until closing, mind you), and today’s had the following invocatory plea:

Tonight’s commute is going to suck!

Wait it Out at A MANO

and Save Big Bucks!

And then we got the official press release, which told us nothing new. Maybe it’s not fair to assume that a PR blitz for a new gimmick means the restaurant is in trouble, although we’ve made that supposition before about A MANO. The theory is that a restaurant ought to be able to generate customers on its own merits of food, service and value. HOW NAIVE OF US! But they’re right about the commute.

A MANO [MenuPages]
A MANO [Official Site]

[Photo: a fat rail of culatello @ A MANO, via Pechluck/Picasa]

Desperation: $5 Bar Menu @ A MANO