Critical Mass: The Hall Of Fame

Welcome to our new feature, Critical Mass (get it?), where we highlight the restaurants on MenuPages: Boston that have the most reviews. Don’t see your favorite restaurant on the list? Review it yourself!

Here at MenuPages: Boston, we love user reviews. In the best cases, they’re informative and funny and smart and they make our day more entertaining. We wanted to pay tribute to our reviews, so we’ve found those reviews that have attained what we call Critical Mass and are defining as ten or more user reviews. We have five such restaurants. Let’s check them out.

Restaurant: Rock Sugar Thai Cafe
Number of Reviews: 16
Most Informative Review: From “Anonymous” on November 13, 2007:

I’ve been going to Rock Sugar with some regularity since I’ve been in the financial district for the past four months. As others have stated, the food is fantastic but the place is a cramped dive with little in the way of vibe. I’ve found the cashier/secretary and servers highly stressed but other times, like today, I found them sociable and pleasant. I call ahead always but waited until 1pm today, bypassing the chaotic peak lunch hour. True, Rock Sugar could really benefit with a bigger and nicer space. They are only people like the rest of us and get stressed out like the rest of us.

Restaurant: Blackjack Pasta Bar
Number of Reviews: 13
Most Informative Review: Posted by “jonallen” on June 11, 2007

The name and logo of this place is deceiving- Blackjack does not conjure up the best, freshest pasta, nor does the “21 sauces” emblazoned over a jar inspire high culinary expectations, but this place has it all- freshly made pasta, cooked al dente, and served with delectable sauces. Add to that its secluded Queensberry St address, its sidewalk tables, its free delivery, its surprisingly low prices, and you wonder how they can afford to do it.

Restaurant: Addis Red Sea
Number of Reviews: 10
Most Informative Review: Posted by “Anonymous” on April 14, 2007:

I love Ethiopian, but the food at Addis is just average. The kicker is that they admit right on the menu that the bread isn’t made from Teff, it’s wheat or barley. It’s pretty bland, and it also soaks up liquid so much that the layer under the food falls apart and can’t really be picked up without making a mess - and that’s usually the best part! It’s not like there are so many other places to choose from…but I’ll have to try them.

Restaurant: Orinoco
Number of Reviews: 10
Most Informative Review: Posted by “Marisa” on March 10, 2006:

By “off beaten path”, I mean it’s located on the corner of often unnoticed Shawmut Ave and West Concord St (kitty-corner to Siraj Cafe and one block from Flour Bakery). In addition to the unique menu offerings from the chef/owner’s Venezuelan background, one of the best things Orinoco has going for it is the value – at about $4 each, you can’t resist trying more than one of the starters, plus dessert at the end too. My husband and I each had a starter, entree, two drinks, and shared the molten chocolate cake – roughly $60 with tax & tip makes for a nice three-course South End dinner. Be prepared to not only wait for a table (good places attract a lot of people) but possibly wait outside (I repeat, *small*).

Restaurant: Super Fusion
Number of Reviews: 10
Best Review So Far: From “Anonymous” on July 28, 2007:

Try the escolar nigiri sushi. It’s a white tuna that is to die for. I’ve never seen it anywhere else. It melts in your mouth and is slightly sweet. I ALWAYS get it every time I order from Super Fusion. The best thing about this restaurant is that they give such huge portions on the nigiri sushi. The fish hangs over on both ends of the rice. It’s like getting two pieces of nigiri sushi in one! I know that authentic sushi is supposed to be bite sized and all but you really get your money’s worth here. I’ve only dined in once. That was a pretty stressful experience because there are only three tables and you feel like you have to eat fast so someone else can have a table. So, now, we always order to-go. Their service is very quick. You can call in your order and then right after walk or drive over and it’s usually ready and waiting for you by the time you get there.
Critical Mass: The Hall Of Fame