Craving Frog Legs

Originally posted on May 2, 2007. Ribbet Ribbet!

We must confess that talk of eating frog legs always makes us think of The Muppet Movie and inevitably gets “The Rainbow Connection” stuck in our head. That being said, the little buggers are pretty tasty. As has been oft-noted, they taste not unlike chicken, and like chicken, they can take on very different tastes when cooked in different ways.

•At Wine Cellar, the frog legs are served a la Provencal: pan-seared in white wine and olive oil with garlic and parsley. The result is like a meatier version of mussels prepared in the same way.
•The frog legs at Anise are braised with bamboo shoots and baby ginger. By serving time, the meat is meltingly tender with just enough heat to be truly satisfying.
Muqueca Restaurant serves their frog legs as a crispy fried appetizer. Just try not to pop them like french fries. We just dare you.
•The little jumpers get fancified at The Blue Room, where they’re fried in tempura and served with an arugula salad and a garlic-lemon vinaigrette.

With so many delicious options, what are you waiting for? Hop to it! (Sorry. We couldn’t resist that one.)

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Craving Frog Legs