Coffee Chain Sues Over Bad Review

Pity poor Japanese coffee chain Caffe Veloce. After the 175-outlet chain was ranked in Kodansha’s The Weekend for Adults as being the nation’s worst place for coffee, they sued the publisher for $100,000 in damages. They also want a public apology.

All for Weekend’s reviewer saying “it was sheer luck whether the coffee was any good.”

Here’s how it went:

The October 2007 issue of “The Weekend for Adults” monthly magazine by Kodansha ranked 11 popular cafe chains in an undercover survey, checking them on drinks, food, atmosphere and convenience.

Caffe Veloce – known for signboards with wine-red frames or with the catchphrase, “Good coffee brewed here” – came last, with the accompanying article saying it was sheer luck whether the coffee was any good.

The chain argued that the ranking was based on the subjective judgement of one writer and hurt its brand image, according to media reports.

See, it’s not just critics at the Inquirer getting sued by Chops; it’s a worldwide thing.

Japanese cafe chain sues over low guide rating [Yahoo!]


Coffee Chain Sues Over Bad Review