Chink’s Steaks Expanding To S. Philly

Any lingering fears you might have about South Philadelphia’s inevitable gentrification can be put aside for the moment. Over at the Daily News, Dan Gross brings us word that Northeast Philly’s most politically incorrect restaurant, Chink’s Steaks, is expanding to South Philly:

Chink’s Steaks (6030 Torresdale) is taking over Tugboat Annie’s (901 S. Columbus) and opening a smaller take-out-only Chink’s Steaks there in late March, says Chink’s owner Joseph Groh. He takes over the property March 1 and says he will be up and running by the beginning of Phillies season. He may put in some outside tables. Groh says he’s not too worried about any backlash about the shop’s name, which had drawn ire from Asian-Americans several years back.

Chink’s was the childhood nickname given to the restaurant’s late former owner Samuel Sherman.

Score another one for Philly race relations.

Restaurant report [Dan Gross/DN]

[Image via HollyEats]

Chink’s Steaks Expanding To S. Philly