Cajun Food In South Jersey

Quality New Orleans food in the South Jersey Pine Barrens isn’t impossible. In this week’s Far Flung LaBan Adventure, the food critic tried Ted’s on Main, a Cajun/Creole resto located in… Medford:

His menu goes beyond the basics to present updated Creole cooking in the way a good contemporary New Orleans chef might, relying on quality local ingredients and deft technique, drawing inspiration from Louisiana flavors without letting them become cliches.

Those are sweet Cape May Salts broiled to within a breath of their oyster life, shined with a garlicky butter that sparkles with Tabasco and lemon. His fried green tomatoes are the best I’ve tasted in the recent local vogue for fried green tomatoes, their hot cornmeal crusts contrasting the toothsome tang of crawfish tossed in remoulade on top. His succulent pork chop, marinated in garlic and sage, comes with caramelized apples but also a Creole twist: brioche stuffing studded with earthy nuggets of andouille.


Ted’s On Main [Inquirer]


Cajun Food In South Jersey