Bruno/Sun-Times, Chicago Reader, Hungry Magazine: V-Day Overload

So much Valentine’s Day!

The Reader recommends Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge, Marie’s Liquors & Pizza (our idea of romance), and Sweets & Savories,

and then lists another twenty restaurants offering V-Day specials. Which usually aren’t that special. Wouldn’t cooking something for your sweetheart be more romantic than shelling out cash for an overpriced, hokey, public prix-fixe? Chocolate-covered you is not available for dessert in any restaurant.

The Sun-Times has two V-Day round-ups, but we’re not sure why. Why it’s not all in one article, we mean. Neither of them have more than the most generic of themes, but we can say this much: both articles list Mon Ami Gabi. Quite an endorsement!

On the review side, Pat Bruno visits Danny’s Cafe & Deli in Melrose Park, a casual Italian place that he really seems to love unconditionally. Highlights include pork neckbones and the fact that “wines by the glass – jug and no-jug – go no higher than $3.50.” This is unobjectionable.

Finally, remember yesterday how we called an article in the Tribune on entertaining foodie visitors “strange”? Well, that was a code word for uninformative and scattered, but we didn’t feel like going there. Fortunately, Mike Nagrant did, lampooning the piece in Hungry Magazine by imagining how the pitch meeting might have gone. Good stuff!

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[Photo: a cow heart, Biology Big Brother/flickr]


Bruno/Sun-Times, Chicago Reader, Hungry Magazine: V-Day Overload