Borgata Restaurant Update

Blogalicious has some info on the new restaurant at the Borgata, which is aiming for a second quarter opening.

Here’s the deal:

It’s named Izakaya. In Japanese, “izakaya” means “pub.” More specifically, it’s a compound word made out of “i” (to remain) and “sakaya” (sake shop). You know, a sake shop you can drink in.

Obviously, Izakaya is going to take inspiration from them. Chef Michael Schulson, who cooked at Pod before moving on to the Style Network, will be running the kitchen.

But unlike those Japanese pubs, Izakaya is going to be a bit more swanky. The combination restaurant/club will feature a sushi bar, a yakitori bar and is hiring (natch) a sake sommellier. Izakaya is going to replace the old Suilan restaurant.

And the Name of Borgata’s New Restaurant Is… [Blogalicious]

Borgata Restaurant Update