Booze Ban II: Liquor Stores

Remember that hearing a few weeks ago where the Planning Commission batted around legislation that would restrict liquor licenses in two neighborhoods? Well, welcome to the sequel:This time it’s citywide, and about off-sales. A new measure approved by the Board of Supes’ Rules Committee would severely limit the opening of new liquor, wine and beer-selling stores. From the Examiner:

Proposed by Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, the measure would prohibit new liquor stores from opening up within about two blocks (500 feet) of other liquor stores, schools and children’s recreation centers.

There are nearly 900 businesses permitted to sell liquor for off-site consumption in San Francisco, about 450 more, Sandoval said, than allowed under a 1998 state law that caps permits at one per 1,250 city residents

While Sandoval’s measure gained the support of the committee, it has its detractors. The issue is not so much altering the city’s zoning laws, but rather doing so this drastically through a ballot measure.

“Are we sure we want to forever ban any new wine shops in Fisherman’s Wharf through a ballot initiative?” [Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development deputy director Rich] Hillis said.

Remember, this is the same Gerardo Sandoval who wants to force grocery stores to stick around, especially in under-served neighborhoods like the Tenderloin and the Excelsior. We have to wonder, if they couldn’t sell beer or two-buck-Chuck, what new Trader Joe’s would have us?

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Booze Ban II: Liquor Stores