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Bobby Flay a Fan of Chipotle (the Restaurant, Not Just the Sauce)?

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Earlier today, we pointed to our fashion blog’s outrage that Orlando Bloom was seen with Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr at Max Brenner, of all places. However, our combing of this week’s celebrity sightings reveals it may have been a momentary lapse, since Bloom was also spotted at the much more respectable Bobo. Phew. But what’s this — Bobby Flay filming outside of Chipotle? Is he a spokesman now? Who knows — if Rachael Ray can endorse Dunkin’ Donuts…

Amy’s Bread: Paul Dano eating cupcakes. [NYP]
Balthazar: Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono have some quality family time. [Gawker]
Beatrice: Dennis Quaid and friends drunk and canoodling with young blondes. [Gawker]
Bobo: Orlando Bloom shares dinner with a “doting” brunette. [Gawker]
Chipotle (at 8th St.): An annoyed-looking Bobby Flay filming with crew in the cold. [Gakwer]
Gyu Kaku: Chace Crawford has some Korean barbeque. [Page Six]
Florent: Christo and Jeanne-Claude enjoying a meal. [Gawker]
Jamba Juice (Union Square): Vince Vaughn ordering a Sencha green tea and soy milk. [Grub Street]
Le Pain Quotidien: Jonathan Pryce with an unidentified cohort. [Gawker]
Omido: Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw happily dining together. [Gawker]
Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse: Anna Wintour opting out of the conga line at Spencer Morgan’s birthday party. [Grub Street]
Socialista: Ashton Kutcher’s birthday party sets off a hepatitis scare. [WSJ]
Southern Hospitality: Justin Timberlake returns to his southern roots and visits own restaurant. [NYP]
SushiSamba: Seann William Scott classing it up. [Page Six]

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Bobby Flay a Fan of Chipotle (the Restaurant, Not Just the Sauce)?