Blue Bottleneck

Above: Sick and tired of this already. Photo courtesy of the New York Times

Okay, the tsunami of Blue Bottle Coffee coverage needs to recede. Yes, it’s noteworthy that they opened a (third) location in Mint Plaza, and yes it’s interesting that they imported this steam-punk siphon machine at enormous cost, but dang, people, it’s just a cup of coffee. From a nearly month-old cafe that is part of a six-year-old chain.

It would be one thing if people were taking turn to review the substance, offering a variety of opinions that worked as a dialogue on the state of gourmet coffee in the city, but they’re not. Bloggers and journalists are lining up to get a cup and go “ooh, it’s the best coffee ever and isn’t it cool they opened this new location and what a neat machine.”

But it’s basically exactly the same coffee they’ve been lining up for for years in Hayes Valley and the Ferry Building. We think people just want a chance to run a picture of the fancy coffee machine, and it doesn’t help that most are lifting the same picture we did from the New York Times. Look, we’ve seen it, it’s great. Can we all please cover something that matters and is actually new? Thanks.

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Blue Bottleneck