Blog Roundup

Happy Monday, everyone. Let’s take a look at what some of our fellow food-bloggers had to say over the weekend.

Ever wondered if waiters and kitchen staff are judging you for your order? They are. [Waiterrant]

Some of the most hilarious commercials from a forgotten televised past appear on YouTube, then in blogs. [SFoodie]

Think those two-ticket rules for fat people flying on airplanes are insulting? Check out this proposed Mississippi legislation. [The Grinder]

A local arts and crafts magazine branches out into cooking with the publication of a new book. [Bits and Bites]

One of our favorite photo-bloggers takes a trip to the French Laundry. [Bunrabs]

And some basic baking questions we never thought to ask (but should have) are answered. [Eggbeater]

Blog Roundup