Blog Reviews: Week Of Top Chef Season 4 Spoilers

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Once a La Pasadita partisan, Monica Eng has been coming around to the fatter, juicier, fresher tacos at Carniceria Leon, a wee place at the back of a grocery store that may serve the best tacos in Chicago [The Stew]

• The pageantry of Carnivale will wow you, even if the pours are small and not all the food is spectacular [Chicago Foodies]

• Lincoln Park’s only Jamaican restaurant, Ja’ Grill, is too good to be as empty as it is on weekdays [The Stew]

• Bridget and Tammy are underwhelmed by the pizza at La Madia, which earns a mere 8 out of 20 [Chicago Bites]

• Mere mortals can’t get the venison/duck/turkey slider trio at May Street Market for dinner, but bloggers can! Anyway, if you go during lunch, the venison is highly recommended, but all are great burgers. The rest of the meal was generally excellent, to boot [Chicago Burger Project]

• Joe Gray was sufficiently satisfied with the “urban lodge” fare at Rustik in Logan Square, but MenuPages’ reviewers have been pretty bearish on the place… [The Stew]

• The multi-colored, multi-textured, rose syrup-flavored Faluda is available for your sampling at Sabri Nehari, the much-loved Pakistani restaurant on Devon [Drive-Thru]

• It is too early in Schwa’s rebirth to warrant a full review, but Chris Borrelli certainly understood the hype when he snagged a table for Valentine’s Day [The Stew]

• Mike Sula is dragged to the South Loop Club, where he tries a nearly undrinkable “Slutty Bull,” containing Jagermeister, peach schnapps and Red Bull. Ew [Food Chain]

• Italian food as high-quality and delicious as at Terragusto is rare for a neighborhood BYOB [Chicago Foodies]

• Charlie’s high-end prepared food is available at Trotter’s To Go on Fullerton, along with an array of gourmet groceries [Chicagoist]

Spoiler 1, Spoler 2. Don’t click if you don’t want to know (we didn’t) [The Stew]

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Blog Reviews: Week Of Top Chef Season 4 Spoilers