Blog Reviews: Week Of The Lunar Eclipse!

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• For easy, low-key Greektown dining, you could do worse than Artopolis; try the mango yogurt mousse [Drive-Thru]

• Stalwart Bin 36 making wine and cheese pairings work at all levels of sophistication [Chicagoist]

• Nobody doesn’t like the jibaritos at Borinquen Restaurant, which were recently featured in Esquire’s “Best Sandwiches in America” article [Chicagoist]

• The South Loop’s Hi Tea offers tasty sandwiches (especially the turkey club) in addition to its dozens of tea varities [Chicagoist]

• If you want your South American steak without pretension (or high prices), try Las Tablas’ location in Portage Park. Also, the churrasco [Chicagoist]

• Did you know that Laschet’s Inn is now owned by non-Germans? Oy gevalt! But the beer on tap’s still great, and the new generation is commmitted to keeping things as they were [Chicago Foodies]

• So far, praise for Lito’s Empanadas in Lincoln Park has been near-universal [Chicago Foodies]

• The new Mediterranean restaurant in the West Loop, Nia, is winning fans with its perfectly cooked seafood and two-week sangria [Chicagoist]

• Chain global noodle shop Noodles & Company’s Loop location does brisk business during lunch, and makes a serviceable Indonesian “Saute” [Drive-Thru]

• Mostly a wholesale business, PapaNicholas now has a new coffee shop in Portage Park with wifi and a 96 oz coffee to go [Drive-Thru]

• Both locations of Pollo Campero, operated in Chicago by Levy’s, will be serving Peruvian rotisserie chicken starting next week [Hungry Mag]

• High hopes for Powerhouse met with awkward service and bland food (except when it was too salty) [Gastronomic Bypass]

• Recently relocated to Lincoln Park, Sushi X serves big, complicated rolls in a stock trendy environment [Chicago Foodies]

• Japanese-French fusion copncept Takashi more than delivers on flavor and sophistication, but the portions are too damn small for the price. You cannot give people only a little delicious food! [Hungry Mag]

• Endless hundreds of tea options at TeaGschwendner on the Gold Coast means even the pickiest tea snob will find solace [Chicagoist]

[Photo: Merrick Brown/flickr]


Blog Reviews: Week Of The Lunar Eclipse!