Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Things We Didn’t Know

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are four of interest.

It can be pretty hard for an anonymous reviewer to be servicey without sounding like a shill. None of the following reviews quite rise to that level of objectivity, but we found them to be interesting reading anyway

Lito’s Empanadas (Anonymous | don’t miss these | 1/30):

Make it a point to get to Lito’s. Lito’s is a very small, sparkling clean place which has a few window seats for dining in. Much of their business seems to be take out. The empanadas which are fabulous, travel well and stay warm. Try my favorites: beef,olives,rainsins, rice or the beef and rice. My ultimate favorite is the choco-banana. The empanadas are inexpensive -a wonderful deal for the money. The owner and his wife are very friendly. These would be great to take to a party. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by. If you are not in the neighborhood, make it a point to get there. I am convinced you will not be disappointed.

What’s informative about this is that Lito’s just opened. Also, we’re now distracted by the trio of beef, olives and raisins that is so right!

Sullivan’s Steakhouse (Anonymous | Never Again! | 1/30):

Overpriced, slow service, cold food, mistaked us for someone else, and can not, no matter what I do, get off their e-mail list even after unsubscribing over 10 times.

Haha, it’s probably true about their email list. Clearly, this sort of minor customer service issue is alienating. Get back on your game, Sullivan!

The Fish Keg (Sarah | The best fish chips EVER | 1/31):

I’ve been going here for years. Ever since I was a kid. I moved to Seattle for a little while and what did I crave while I was out there? FISH KEG baby! Yeah it was my first stop when I came back into town. They have great food, including a wonderful clam chowder. There prices are great too! They have fresh fish but there take-out food is to die for. Fish chips, shrimp, hush puppies, fries, and much more! Give it a try. They even have parking. There selection of other stuff to buy is pretty interesting as well. Soda, stuff to cook fish with, sauces they even have homemade brownies! Yum! Don’t take it from me go try it yourself!

It is the sign of a true dyed-in-the-wool Midwesterner to move to the Pacific Northwest only to crave…Chicago seafood! Maybe this is a shill, but it’s an especially loving and lovely one. We’re even inclined to believe Sarah about the clam chowder.

Great Sea (Best KOREAN restaurant | I visit every time I’m in Chicago 2/4):

Although Great Sea is listed as a Chinese restaurant, it is actually a Korean-owned restaurant that serves Koreanized Chinese foods. It serves the usual Americanized Chinese junk (General Tso’s Chicken, for instance). But if you want the real stuff get the spicy chicken wings (gang-poong-ghe), noodles w/ black sauce (jha-jang-myun), or spicy seafood noodle soup (jhamp-ong). The people eating in this restaurant are usually Korean, not Chinese. The wings are the best. My wife and I often talk about how we wish we could go get the wings, but, alas, we live in Virginia. Need evidence of the greatness of the wings? Sit in the restaurant any evening there’s a big event, like New Year’s Eve. You’ll see locals walking out with several aluminum foil tins of wings for their home celebrations. This place has the best wings I’ve tasted in all the US-based Koreatowns I’ve been too, and even better than the wings in Korea. My cousins in Korea always say the best Korean food is in L.A. Well, Great Sea is one exception to that rule better wings than any place in L.A.

Well, how about that! We’ve added “Korean” to Great Sea’s cuisine list. Other reviewers have also mentioned the spicy chicken dishes, so now you know what to do when the Korean wing craving hits you in Albany Park.

And so, we’ve learned four new things today. A personal best!


Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Things We Didn’t Know