Best Of MenuPages Review: Mundial Cocina Mestiza Rollercoaster (Shill Alert)

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are three of interest.

Last month, we shared a very long, largely negative review for Mundial Cocina Mestiza, the fashion-forward Mexican restaurant on 18th street in Pilsen. The thrust of the review was that service was slow. Slow enough to justify 385 words; slow enough to inspire scores of new acronyms to describe how slow it was. We thought the reviewer was being unreasonable, and unusually, we were seconded by a commenter. But it was also not the first time we’d seen this complaint about MCM, which for all its culinary achievements, seems to be understaffed.

Not everyone appreciates what they’re trying to do with the food, either. On February 20th, “La Mexican” wrote a review entitled “Looks fun but not crazy about the food”:

I think this restuarant has gotten more buzz than it really deserves they’re food isn’t all that great. It looks lot a fun spot to be in but it’s alway so crammed up with people. The waiters have little experience and you’re always trying to get their attention for a drink. The first time I was there my steak was so tough it was just not a good piece of meat.
They never offered to replace it or give me something else.

I think if you want some good mexican food head down to Nuevo Leon or Cebollita they’ve got the good grub in pilsen!

While those restaurants are a totally different thing from what MCM is trying to do, the constant complaint is the service.

And then all of a sudden, we got two positive reviews for the place. On the 24th, “lg1” wrote:

Despite other mixed reviews I’ve read, I decided I had to try Mundial for myself today. I went for brunch where I had the Mexican Omelet and my father had Topados. Both were excellent!!! I was actually surprised by how good everything was (and let me tell you I am beyond picky)! Large portions, wonderful flavor, comes with beans, awesome potatoes, sour cream and chiles. Can’t forget the homemade tortillas too. Perhaps other patrons went on a bad day, because my service was excellent. I think they treat kindness with kindness. My coffee was filled 5 times before it was empty, and the same for my water. Perhaps my genuine please and thank you was very much appreciated because other patrons did have to ask for refills, but they were always quite rude to the staff. I love this place and I can’t wait to go back for more brunch and dinner. I highly recommend it and don’t be fooled by other’s complaints of bad service- being nice truly does get you a long way in the restaurant world! Besides the place is very small with a very small kitchen, if you go there on the weekend and order your food at the same time as 20 other people you’re going to have to wait!

This is very defensive for a first time customer, wouldn’t you say? This viewpoint expressed in this review was refined the next day by “Pleased.As.Punch”:

This restaurant obviously has read its reviews and has improved its service. Had I not read the dismal reviews on service, I never would have thought Mundial had had a problem with it. We were served professionally, quickly, and thoughtfully. Our reservation was honored and we were seated quick as a wink. The ambience was pleasant and comfortable enough for an incredibly popular place (sat in the back room). The food was fantastic, though maybe a little light on portion size. (Order some sides or salads to fill it up.) This is not a typical Mexican restaurant, so if you ARE looking for tacos and refried beans and low prices, then you probably should go down the street to Nuevo Leon (as another reviewer suggested). I lose my patience with people who think if it’s Mexican, it’s got to be cheap. It’s not a Mexican restaurantit’s kind of Mediterranean-Spanish. Something fusion’s going on, and I liked it! I thought the prices were right on the money (excuse the pun), and with the BYOB, it was a bargain. Can’t wait to return!!

Don’t get us wrong, but this sounds like exactly what the restaurateur would write in his or her defense while knowing that he or she must remain anonymous. We’re going to give this the benefit of the doubt, to the extent that we’re not taking the reviews down. But by all means, let us know what you think.

Mundial Cocina Mestiza [MenuPages]

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Best Of MenuPages Review: Mundial Cocina Mestiza Rollercoaster (Shill Alert)