Behind The Scenes At Le Cirque

Ex-New York Daily Newser Lloyd Grove just interviewed legendary restaurateur Sirio Maccioni — the man behind the infamous celebrity favorite Le Cirque. The full interview is well worth a read… and Grove’s a lucky man. When he interviewed Maccioni at Cirque, his meal consisted of foie gras ravioli, langoustine and venison fallow with creme brulee and chocolate souffle for dessert. Running a fancy restaurant? It ain’t easy:

Here you need to do a minimum of $12 million a year. Otherwise we are broke. And there is no restaurant in Europe like that…. Yesterday we had a little Italian-style bolito. The bolito is what the farmers used to do. You have the sausage. You sauté. You have a little bit of oil, garlic, and tomato. And it was a thing that my grandmother used to do.

The right dish. This bolito, it’s very different the texture, and I hear two or three persons say, “This is good.” Eventually, when I’m ready, I’ll put it on the menu. But how can you do that with somebody by the name of whatever you said his name is [Frank Bruni]? They have a complex of inferiority! Because they’re afraid that you want to buy them! I still work six, seven days a week, 14-hour days. I don’t want to buy anybody!

An Interview With Sirio Maccioni [Portfolio]


Behind The Scenes At Le Cirque