Beef Recall In Action

You know how KALW is always reading the school lunch menus in its morning broadcast? Well, we didn’t hear this, but it’s definitely possible that last week they may have aired a bit of Morning Edition about that massive beef recall that hugely affected public schools, then heard a menu that included a beef item. If that gave you pause, the San Francisco Unified School District would like you to un-freeze. School district spokeswoman Gentle Blythe said today that the recall didn’t affect San Francisco.

“SFUSD has not received any beef that was processed at Westland. That is true for the entire school year in 2008. When the recall came into being, we had nothing in stock, we had not served anything as of 2008. Any beef that has been on the menu since 2008 is not beef that was processed there.”

In case you’re curious, check out the SFUSD Website for the next couple months’ menus.

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Beef Recall In Action