Batali Calls Out Bloggers, Gordon Ramsay

See ya later, haters.
See ya later, haters. Photo: Sarah Lohman

Gawker unearths a choice quote from Guardian critic Jay Rayner’s forthcoming book The Man Who Ate the World. Excoriating bloggers, Mario Batali tells Rayner:

“It’s just people who hate things. But you know what? If they don’t like my beef cheek ravioli and the rock-and-roll we play on the sound system at Babbo, they can suck my dick. I don’t care.”

Except for the fellatio part, this pretty much jives with what he has told us in the past. Upon reading the book, we found it even more interesting that Batali, immediately before criticizing blogger/haters, decided to call out Gordon Ramsay.

“Take Ramsay. He thought he could simply wow people here with showmanship. Ramsay’s guys didn’t know anything about ingredients here…Nothing’s changed with [Ramsay’s] food since his second year at Aubergine [in the mid-90s].”

Seems like Batali drank some Haterade himself. Though when Rayner asks him to recommend a quintessential New York restaurant experience, he does manage a grin and recommends (what else?) the pastrami sandwich at Katz’s.

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Batali Calls Out Bloggers, Gordon Ramsay