Amuse Bouche: Red, White, and Blue

Super Mega Tuesday is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. More than twenty states will cast their votes for both parties’ presidential nominees. It seems not unlikely that the Republican contest could be effectively over by night’s end and the outcome of today’s races will certainly bring the Obama-Clinton matchup one giant step closer to its end. No matter what candidate you support, it’s a very exciting day and what better way to enjoy it than a big themed dinner? Since it’s election day, we’ve gone with a red, white, and blue meal.

Appetizer: We’re awfully fond of tomato soup in winter, since it’s wonderfully hearty and rib-sticking. We especially like this Giada De Laurentiis version, since it incorporates both starchy cannellini beans and the lightening influence of lemon. Pair it with a glass of Hitachino Red Rice Ale.

Main Course: We’ve had a version of this macaroni and cheese with prosciutto and taleggio at Panino’teca in New York once and we’ve been craving it ever since. The richness can be almost over the top, so cut it with a bottle of Blue Moon.

Dessert: It’s a damn shame that blueberries aren’t in season right now, as blueberry pie is undisputedly the king of blue desserts, but we certainly see no reason that you couldn’t dye the frosting of these delicious vanilla cupcakes a nice robin’s egg blue. At this point, we recommend throwing caution to the winds, and preparing a cocktail with blue curacao. Perhaps a Prince of Wales?

[Photo: Boston Mamas]

Amuse Bouche: Red, White, and Blue