A New Food Blog From the ‘Times’; Can Dining Alone Get You a Date?

The Times has launched a new food blog called Bitten that’s being written by “Minimalist”-column writer Mark Bittman. What’s in store for readers? “We’re going to look at great food made with everyday ingredients and readily achievable techniques — as The Minimalist has been doing for a decade — not food as something to be admired from afar, but as a part of daily life.” [Bitten/NYT]

Monkey Bar chef Chris Cheung thinks he deserves a little credit for making black miso cod so popular at Nobu. [Gothamist]

Several changes in their dining culture have led the Vietnamese to embark on a “rodent-eating bonanza.” [WSJ]

Michael Psilakis, who’s single-handedly revived Greek cuisine in this city, learned everything he needed to know in his mother’s kitchen and has never even stepped foot inside a cooking school. [NYT]

Dining in restaurants is pretty much a nightmare for the country’s estimated 5 to 7 million people with obsessive-compulsive disorder. [NYT]

Can dining alone get you a date? Well, maybe if you start conversations about food, but not if you head to Gottino on a Thursday night. [TONY]

Options you’d never considered for Valentine’s Day: Get drunk on Champagne with your significant other at Tre, eat “angry lobster” at Silverleaf Tavern, or pick up BarFry’s take-home goody bag. [NYS]

A New Food Blog From the ‘Times’; Can Dining Alone Get You a Date?