Zagat To Be ‘Sold’

The “food world” is “abuzz” over the news that Zagat Survey is “on the market” for a possible “sale.” This move could net founders Tim and Nina Zagat a “hefty” two hundred million dollars.

The Times and Eater have both been “speculating” about who, exactly, might be “interested” in purchasing Zagat. “Multiple parties” have been “mentioned”, but the consensus seems to be that “this is a job for Barry Diller” of IAC/InterActiveCorp. Indeed, Zagat would be a “good fit” with IAC’s current holdings.

We’ll be “watching eagerly” to see how this “develops.” And yes, we know that the “quotation mark” joke has already been “done to death”, but it’s a “cliche” that we “just couldn’t resist.”

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Zagat To Be ‘Sold’