Zagat Empire for Sale; New Low-Cal Girl Scout Cookies

The Zagat family has put their empire of burgundy books on the market, with Goldman Sachs handling the search for a buyer who will have to drop at least $200 million for the acquisition. [NYT]

Stereo, the club outside which a patron was shot last week, closed after a weekend police raid. [NYDN]

Howie Mandel’s mention of the Waverly Inn on Live With Regis & Kelly made Graydon Carter’s restaurant a highly searched Google item. [Gawker]

Girl Scout cookies now come with more guilt than usual: You can buy 100-calorie packs of a new item called Cinna-Spins, but you’ll probably stick to Thin Mints. [Serious Eats]

Spend a day in the life of Butter’s Alex Guarnaschelli, from home to Greenmarket to the kitchen. [Metromix]
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The ridiculously titled G’Day USA: Australia Week 2008, seven days of Aussie food promotion, starts here on Wednesday. [NYDN]

The Double Seven, which was set to reopen doors later this year, won’t be returning at all, but a New York outpost of Miami hot spot Mansion will open in the former Crobar space. [NYP]

McDonald’s attempt to go after Starbucks customers with its new coffee bars might not do so well, since the “place reeks of fries and beef,” smells that are “every bit as intoxicating as they were meant to be” and will most likely overwhelm the smell of high-end coffee. [Fast Company via NYT]

Restaurants like Chipotle and Hale and Hearty Soups make up a new genre of dining destinations deemed “fast-casual,” and they’re doing well in Manhattan because “[f]ast-causal dining is perfectly suited to the fast-paced environment of New York.” [NYT]

You have exactly 30 days to plan Valentine’s Day, and as you’re reading this, your favorite restaurants are probably already fully booked. [Snack]

Zagat Empire for Sale; New Low-Cal Girl Scout Cookies