Wing Bowl Flashback

This flashback from sportswriter Kerith Gabriel reminded us of exactly how much we love the Wing Bowl:

Finally, we’re not the only person at the Daily News who takes the Wing Bowl seriously.

Sportswriter Kerith Gabriel shares his tale of how he came to appreciate the contest:

“I was 19, and he was a contestant named Sloth. And I attribute my passion for Wing Bowl to him.

“For me and I am sure countless others, one of the highlights of being at the annual glutton festival is the anticipation of an eater saying ‘uncle’ by way of spewing partially digested chicken all over the stage. And to this day for me, no one did it better than Sloth. I remember being up for most of the night, catching a minute or two of sleep between underage binge drinking and listening to 50 Cent. It was my first Wing Bowl, me a sophomore at Drexel and three dorm buddies who convinced me that the daylong fiesta of chicken, alcohol and scantily clad women was worth the price of the already free admission. But by mid-morning, I was too tired to care.

“However, leave it to the exploitation of one’s weaknesses to add to the excitement, and there on the jumbo screen was Sloth, gurgling and covering his mouth, his face mixed with the agony of indigestion and the determination of a pseudo-athlete. At that moment when I realized his plight, so did he and the next thing I remember is the loudest roar from the crowd all morning as Sloth spewed for what seemed like an indeterminable amount of time the largest cascade of vomit I have ever seen. Every year, that image is put up recurrently on the jumbo screen and since that day I haven’t missed the event.”


Wing Bowl [Dan Gross]

Wing Bowl Flashback