Why Are Fast Food Commercials So Bad?

We recently learned that Wendy’s will soon be dropping their red wig ads (one of which we discussed here) in favor of a new campaign with the dubious slogan of “It’s w-a-a-a-ay better than fast food. It’s Wendy’s.” This is dumb, mostly because Wendy’s is, clearly, fast food. We suspect these Wendy’s ads are going to be legendarily terrible and it got us thinking about some of our least favorite fast food commercials of all time. Because we believe in spreading the pain around, we’re sharing them with you. Sorry.

Burger King, “I Am Man”

This ad is just so grossly over-the-top sexist. “Chick food”? Really? You can’t do better than that? Not only is this not especially funny, but it’s just inaccurate. Girls like Whoppers and boys like quiche. (This particular chick would take a bacon cheeseburger over a leek quiche any day of the week.) We accept that it’s supposed to be satire, but as the comments on the YouTube page show, a lot of viewers took it at its face value, which is pretty gross.

Quiznos, “Bob the Baby”

To be fair, all the Quiznos ads featuring Bob the Baby were incredibly weird, mostly due to the completely unnatural Photoshopping of the baby’s mouth. This one, however, also has an adult woman hitting on a baby. Creepy!

Domino’s Pizza, “Fudgem”

Our deep disgust with this ad should be obvious: Fudgem looks like a giant poo. And then the little girl hugs him. And is covered in poo. You know what this ad does not make us want to do? Eat. Ever again.

What about you? What fast food ads do you hate? Are there any you love?

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Why Are Fast Food Commercials So Bad?