Where Have All The Mandarinquats Gone?

When Pete Seeger penned those immortal words some 45 years ago, he likely had no idea the question would ever get answered in this level of detail:

Shuna (Fish) Lydon, Sens dessert chef and Eggbeater blogger bought them all to make a new dessert, and she has no intention of letting Berkeley Bowl sit around re-stocked before she goes and buys them out again.

Pretty succint, eh? From Eggbeater:

I needed all those ‘quats. I would stop at nothing less than all of them. let them try and restock: I’ll be back.

So where’s the fire, aside from on Lydon’s rather striking Flickr page? Apparently those ‘quats, candied, are the secret ingredient in Lydon’s new dessert offering at Sens. The new creation sounds pretty tempting, but there’s something else about Lydon’s enthusiasm for citrus that both infectious and funny:

Can I tempt you with any of these orbs of sunshine? For those of you who love the hit of acid, appreciate the hide-and-go-seek of sugar-acid-sweet-sour, I have a feeling I have someone for you to meet.

Dude, in San Francisco, on the heels of the 40-year Summer of Love anniversary, you can always tempt us with that hit of acid.

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Where Have All The Mandarinquats Gone?