When Eggs Fly

In the hubub of Stormwatch 2008 and whatever else it is we’ve been doing lately, we nearly missed this little zinger: Did you know that the eggs for those Starbucks Egg McMuffin knockoffs are cooked in only two locations, then shipped around the country? That’s right. According to this NY Times article, the sandwiches are shipped nationwide within two days (Two Days!) of their creation. A concerned Bunrab reader tipped us off as we were reading Gutenberg’s ongoing coverage of the scene inside Starbucks during the Big Storm. Yuck!

Here’s a choice quote from the Times article, in which McDonalds USA prez Don Thompson poo-poos Starbucks freeze-and-heat method:

In fact, the eggs for all the Starbucks breakfast sandwiches served in the United States are cooked at just two locations, stuffed into sandwiches, and kept frozen for up to two days before being reheated in the speed oven. “It’s a fine technology,” admitted Mr. Thompson of McDonald’s. “We won’t use it, but it’s surprisingly good.”

Again, Yuck.

(photo lifted from Bunrabs)

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When Eggs Fly