West Chester’s High-Falutin’ Chicken Nuggets

We’ve been writing about West Chester quite a bit lately. Add to the list of recent openings in the town, the newish Blue Pear Bistro. BPB’s menu is yuppified to the max with c.2008 updates on American standards, Craig LaBan reports:

Who would ever have thought “chicken nuggets” would be a best-seller to a Dilworthtown crowd - even at their casual neighborhood place? But there they are, in the noisy downstairs bar and the bronze-papered upstairs rooms, sprouting on skewers from virtually every table like crispy flowers in a pot. Of course, these are nothing like Junior’s favorite snack. They are slow-poached with a cutting-edge French technique, chickened-up with an outer layer of poultry mousse, crisped, and served with a truffled honey mustard vinaigrette. […]

Fogleman isn’t immune yet to overdoing it with trendy flourishes. A homemade marshmallow was about the last thing the overly sweet pumpkin bisque needed to succeed. Another night’s soup special, celery root puree topped with almonds and a cider reduction, was too one-dimensional for such a large bowl.

The bad side? According to LaBan, service at the restaurant stinks.

Blue Pear Bistro [Official Site]
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[Image via Inquirer]


West Chester’s High-Falutin’ Chicken Nuggets