Wednesday Food Media Mega-Round-Up!

On Wednesdays, a veritable slew of new food-related material hits the presses, so here’s what’s interesting and relevant in the Tribune, the Sun-Times, and NewCity:

• Stews of every stripe are detailed in the Tribune’s lead article, but more importantly, a working definition of the winter staple: “Thicker than a soup, wetter than a casserole…a chunky mix of ingredients cooked together slowly, with the liquid thickened slightly before serving.” Fine by us! [Tribune]

• You know what goes well with stew? Freshly baked bread. This article is one in a long line of DIY bread baking solutions; the gimmick here is you put the risen dough in the fridge for weeks, and break off chunks to bake as necessary [Tribune]

• According to the Sun-Times’ lead article, fat chefs are out. The new thing is moderation. Yes, that’s very new! [Sun-Times]

• Furthermore, a few brand-name chefs dish out some old and obvious - but nevertheless helpful - dietary advice (change your lifestyle, not just your diet; eat frequent small portions; choose foods with lean proteins and minimal added sugar; whole grains and portion control) [Sun-Times]

• It was the Sun-Times’ turn to have an absinthe article, and Chuck Sudo steps up to the bottle. Yes, it’s legal, yes, you can get it in Chicago, no, it’s not hallucinogenic anymore, and sort of never was. Sorry! [Sun-Times]

• Lisa Donovan discovers Indo-Pak sweets! [Sun-Times]

• Mike Nagrant has an article that’s partially a review of Mandarin Kitchen and partially a conspiratorial admittance that he likes eating Chinese food on Christmas. But maybe it’s more of a challenge for goyim to break away from the big-dinner-at-home-with-family paradigm than one would imagine? Still, Jews invented Chinese food on Christmas. Possibly even before the Chinese! Hard to say, really [NewCity]


Wednesday Food Media Mega-Round-Up!