Viewing Pleasure: Three-Cheese Macaroni @ Table Fifty-Two

We love this furtive shot of “Three-Cheese Macaroni,” a $9 side during lunch and dinner at TABLE fifty-two. We’ve written a lot about TABLE in the past, but the best we’ve been able to find in the way of food porn is tiny little thumbnails on their website. So this weird-angled close up of the mac and cheese fits the aesthetic of scarcity and subterfuge we’ve come to associate with the restaurant for probably no good reason. Also, it’s been rather chilly out, and nothing burns your esophagus quite like a bowl of molten cheese on noodles.

By the way! Do you want to know what the three cheeses are? It’s aged cheddar, white cheddar, and parmesan. Could you imagine if it was morbier, havarti and gjetost? A shame, really. Have a warm(er) weekend!

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Viewing Pleasure: Three-Cheese Macaroni @ Table Fifty-Two