Viewing Pleasure: Bacon Bloody Marys

Friend-of-the-blog Chris Freeberg is an inveterate bruncher. A few days ago, he informed us of his intentions to conquer Sepia, writing “I am heading over to Sepia brunch soon. I cannot go another Sunday
without the bacon bloody….”

Nor should he! Last night, he sent us his review:

The drink tastes a bit like barbecue sauce…. The short rib hash was delicious, but greasy. The basket of donuts, and especially the short bread cakes with jam, were strong. Observed 1 friend adore her market inspired (sweet crab) eggs Benedict. While, another complained of a bland root vegetable omelet.

No wait, nice service, a bit like slipping into an old smoking jacket.

Lovely. Meanwhile, Time Out Chicago has a photo of Sepia’s bacon Bloody Mary, but it’s a tiny little thing. In order that you may revel in the true majesty of the drink, we’ve sussed out a trove of bacon Bloody Mary pics to share with you.

Wasabi Bloody Mary with bacon strip, lulife/flickr:

Bacon Bloody Mary at Tonic in Washington D.C., urbanbohemian/flickr:

Bacon Bloody Mary poster, Kathryn Yu/flickr:

Bacon Bloody Mary from somewhere in Boston, bs05442:

Bacon Bloody Mary with High Life chaser at Comet in Milaukee, hownowjenbrown/flickr:

Bacon Bloody Marys, as served in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY L7/flickr (p.s. amazing):

Meanwhile, Google is pretty adamant that the plural of Bloody Mary is Bloody Marys rather than Bloody Maries, by a margin of 180:1. We can’t say we approve, but we’ll go along with it.

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Viewing Pleasure: Bacon Bloody Marys