Victory Brewing Goes Baltic

Victory is introducing a new beer for 2008 that looks damn good. Joe Sixpack reports that the brewery’s newest launch is the new “Victory Baltic Thunder,” a Lithuanian-style porter:

The story goes that the British introduced Russia’s Catherine the Great to their strong (or stout) porter. They fortified their dark ale with even more alcohol to survive shipment to freezing St. Petersburg, and imperial stout was born.

Not all the beer made it to Russia.

Port cities in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and elsewhere took a swallow and then added their own twist. Showing their German roots, Baltic brewers reproduced the inky porter with lager yeast that ferments at cooler temperatures.

The ale is a recreation of the former Heavyweight Perkuno’s Hammer. We’re looking forward to trying it — sounds to us like Baltic Thunder is going to taste pretty close to beloved Russian beer Baltika.

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Victory Brewing Goes Baltic