Vegan Brewpub Pizza In West Philly

The Dock Street Brewpub in West Philly is smack in the middle of a neighborhood that’s… a bit different:

There are bright spots: Vientiane Cafe, for instance, the tidy Laotian spot that once operated out of a backyard blue tent. From an alcove, the Satellite Coffee shop winks warmly. Local anarchists do a Wednesday vegetarian lunch at the gritty A Space, inviting the postman to stay for a $4 plate of ginger triple squash, garlic rice, and Brazilian black beans.

But passersby are more likely to register the visible downers - the Soviet-style liquor store (soon to be replaced), sad thrift stores, grated windows, and forbidding steel security doors.

Dock Street’s menu indulges the neighborhood anarchos and vegans. The vegan pizza comes topped with pesto, artichoke, mushrooms, spinach, sun dried tomato, onions, peppers and tofu. There’s a Sicilian pizza (that can easily be made non-dairy) with black olives, capers, pine nuts, roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, tomato sauce and bazil. There’s a vegetarian spinach pizza with crushed plum tomatoes, spinach and caramelized garlic.

But they don’t forget about the meat eaters either. There’s a nod to Franco-German soul food with the Flammenkuchen, topped with caramelized onion, bacon, gruyere and creme fraiche and a damn fine white sausage pizza.

Good stuff.

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[Image via Philadelphia Inquirer]

Vegan Brewpub Pizza In West Philly