Turn On The Gas Jets For This Dim Sum

The Daily News spotlight just shined on Dim Sum Garden, a tiny Chinese joint located in the Gallery/Convention Center underpass. Apart from being in one of Philly’s seediest locations (New Century Bus next door, perpetually sketch street vendor about 10 feet down), the resto suffers from a unique problem…

The restaurant does not have any gas and is running off of electric heat on the grill only.

That’s right: Dim Sum Garden is a restaurant who can’t get a gas hookup from the city. There’s no gas line and, apparently, both the city and PGW refuse to install one.

But the food makes up for it:

For now, Guo makes do with electric heat, but the lack of intense BTU’s affects the quality of his dishes. The dough never achieves the texture a fine homemade dough can produce.

For now, there is a limited menu highlighted by Shanghai Steamed Buns ($5). I haven’t had really good juicy buns since the Shanghai restaurant at 9th and Arch closed up shop.

These morsels are served in the steamer basket with serious cautions about burning your mouth on the hot soup that releases from the dough pocket with the first bite. Even without the gas heat, the buns are a delicious mixture of pasta, stuffing and broth. And properly cooked, they should be fantastic.

The Marinated Sliced Pork ($4.75) is flavored with the sugar-soy combination that is the hallmark of Shanghai cooking. Order a bunch of these, as they currently are the best item on the menu and don’t suffer from the lower cooking temperature.

Sounds good… Meanwhile, we’re hoping the restaurant’s gas will be turned on. After the recent closing of Lakeside, this city needs all the dim sum it can get.

It’s out of gas, but greater than the sum of its parts [Daily News]

[Image via Daily News]


Turn On The Gas Jets For This Dim Sum