Trying Out Pei Wei

Hey, Pei Wei Asian Diner. You call yourself Asian but we know that, at heart, you’re as American as mom and apple pie. Your food is influenced by a few generations worth of the American palate, from 1960’s style goopy Cantonese food to the Americanization of sushi in the 1980s (paging Sasha Issenberg…) but we love you anyway. We’ve ate at your restaurant a few times and it’s good to have a healthier option in the suburbs. Man can’t live on cheesesteaks alone, right?

But the Daily News’ chain gang stopped by the City Avenue Pei Wei and had a middling experience:

We started with Edamame (salted soybeans) for $2.95 and this simplest of dishes was properly prepared. If they screw up the edamame, run. […]

Sweet & Sour Shrimp with fried brown rice ($9). “Very tasty but a little heavy. For someone who doesn’t eat Chinese that often though, it was a good meal. The sweet and sour dressing was delicious. The shrimp was tasty as well. The rice was OK but not great and the green peppers were good. You do get your money’s worth.”

Honey Ginger Shrimp and Broccoli with steamed brown rice ($9): “The portion size was good for the price. Dish was decent, a step above Chinese takeout. However, the rice tasted as though it may have sat under a heat lamp for a while, rather than fluffy and freshly steamed.”

The column’s final verdict? The restaurant is alright.

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[Image via Daily News]


Trying Out Pei Wei